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Hey there, I’m Craig Kilgore. This is my personal website. Thanks for stopping by.

What is this site for?

I’m really into digital marketing and user experience. I’m developing an obsession with understanding why people do the things they do on the web. Why they search what they search. Why they click what they click. Why they choose what they choose. Why they do what they do. My intentions are to use this website as a tool to help me better understand certain aspects of user behavior. If you’d like to connect and keep up to date with my findings, subscribe to receive email here. I love talking digital marketing and user experience. Hit me up with questions, comments, ideas, or just to say hi!

Who I Am…

I’m Buffalo, NY born and raised and currently reside south of the city with an incredibly talented significant other, a small dog, and a bunny.

Professionally, I’m the Marketing Director with Advance2000 and Logistic Dynamics, Inc. It all got started 12ish years ago.

What I Do?

I help businesses increase revenue by focusing on user experience (UX) research and design planning, search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, content strategy, content creation, social media, lead generation and nurturing, marketing and sales alignment, and sales process optimization. If it sounds like a lot, it usually is. Very rarely do businesses have these things aligned, or even addressed to begin with. This is where I typically come in and help. There is something incredibly gratifying about witnessing growth as a direct result of a combination of these things.

Wanna Talk Shop?

I’m passionate about helping businesses grow and I love talking about it, too. Click here to get in touch. If you’d like to receive periodic emails about new findings and things I find interesting, subscribe to receive emails here.